Best practices for recording video

  • This article only applies to users recording video to use in PlayPosit bulbs.

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  • Recording video

    Tips for recording the best videos for use in PlayPosit bulbs.

    1. Between thoughts in a presentation, we recommend pausing for 1-2 seconds. This gap of time will leave space for the audience to re-cap the content that was just covered. Here is an example of this in action.
    2. Position the presenter in the frame to leave space for hotspot interactions.
    3. If the presenter is positioned in the center of the video, hotspot interactions are not recommended for this portion of the bulb as they will cover up the presenter. Consider using sidebar interaction placement instead.

     If hotspot or floating interactions are needed, position the presenter to the left or right of the frame. This will leave space for interactions in the frame where the presenter is not located.

    Click here for more information on creating hotspot interactions

    Best practices for compressing videos. 

    1. When compressing videos it is recommended to compress your video with an MP4 format using a H.264 video codec.

    2. Keep the frame rate (FPS) same as the video source and then lower your kilobytes per second to make a smaller video for streaming. Typically videos larger than 5 GB will be slow on streaming services unless they are properly compressed. Click this link for more information on compressing videos using Handbrake compression software.

    How to skip credits

    If credits exist on a piece of video and the instructor wishes to skip over them it is recommended to create a button to skip over the credits sequence. To create a skip button follow the example below.

    Note: Instructors must enable fast forwarding in the bulb playback options for this interaction to work properly.

    1. In the designer click the Interactions tab.

    2. Click the Add an interaction at (timestamp) button.

    3. Add a Pause interaction.

    4. Add some text that will serve as the skip button. 

    5. Highlight the text and click the jump button.

    6. Enter a jump time in the bulb to skip to that is past the end of the credit sequence in the video.

    7. Click Insert.

    8. Click Done.

    Now when the bulb plays the learner will have the option to click the text to skip to later in the bulb.

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