Assign a Bulb or Playlist with SAML Login

  • This article only applies to users assigning bulbs or playlists outside of an LMS. If you're using an LMS and you're part of an institutional license, then click here for specific tutorials for your LMS.
  • This feature is only available to certain institutional clients who have a SAML integration. Contact your Account Manager to learn more.
  • This feature is currently only supported for standard asynchronous Bulbs.

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Assign a Bulb or a playlist to learners that requires SAML log in

  1. Assign a Bulb or a Playlist

Assign a Bulb or a Playlist

Note: If the class is already created, skip to step 4. If a bulb or playlist has not yet been created, see Building a Bulb or Building a playlist

1. Select Classes in the left sidebar and then click Add New Class

2. Type a name for the class and click Save

3. To add learners to the class, follow these instructions. However, learners will also be automatically enrolled in the class whenever they take a Bulb that is assigned to that class.

4. To assign a Bulb, go to My Bulbs, click the Bulb thumbnail or the triple dot menu next to the desired Bulb, and select Assign. To assign a playlist, go to Playlists, click the playlist icon or the triple dot menu next to the desired playlist and select Assign.

5. Set a due date and then click Link

6. Select Advanced settings to expand the available options, toggle on Require SAML Login, and Copy and paste the link into your preferred communication channel. Learners who navigate to that link will be prompted to sign in via their SAML portal. Note: when Require SAML login is toggled on, certain toggles will become disabled. 

8. After signing in successfully, learners will be redirected to the player and should see a message stating that they are “Attempting as [First Name] [Last Name].”

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