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There are 3 steps to integrating PlayPosit with an Otus course.

  1. Assign a Bulb to learners
  2. Monitor learner responses
  3. Sync grades to Otus

Why use PlayPosit in Otus?

  1. Single Sign-on:Instructors and learners are never prompted to enter a separate email, username or password to create or view content.
  2. Auto-sync course data: We manage learner-course relationships, eliminating the need to manually create courses or upload rosters.
  3. Auto-sync grades:Learner grades are synced immediately with the Otus gradebook at the end of a Bulb. 

Assign a Bulb to learners

  1. Click the Lessons button.

  1. Click the CreateLesson button.

  1. Add a title to the lesson.
    1. Optionally, enter directions for the lesson.
  2. Click Create.

  1. Click Add Activity button.
  2. Click AddExternalTool.

Note: This option will not be available in Otus if the school has not been set up with any external integrations. Check with a school administrator for more information on setting up an external integration.

  1. Select the PlayPosit tool from the drop down.
  2. Click LaunchTool.
  3. The PlayPosit tool will be embedded on screen and the user will need to click the Set Link button to add a Bulb from the PlayPosit dashboard to Otus.
  4. In the PlayPosit dash, click the LMS icon next to the Bulb that is needing to be linked.
  5. Select the learner experience and click Link: 
    1. Self-paced - Choose this option if you want learners to take the Bulb individually, on their own device, at their own time (most commonly used).
    2. Broadcast - Choose this option if you want to project the Bulb live, in class or via a video conferencing tool (such as Zoom) and have all learners take the Bulb together. Start/stop time and pacing of the video is controlled by the instructor, while learners answer projected questions from their own device (like a clicker). For more information, please view this help article.
  6. Enter a Title and optional Instructions for the assignment.
  7. Click Save. The Bulb will now be added to an Otus assignment.

Monitor learner responses

Toggle to assigned.

In Otus, click on the assignment for which you want to view data. This will open the PlayPosit greyscreen, which will show the PlayPosit Bulb you have linked to this assignment. Click Monitorto view student participation and responses. For more information on PlayPosit Analytics, please view this help article.

Sync grades to Otus

If a Bulb only includes auto-graded questions (multiple choice, check-all-that-apply, fill-in-the-blank), then grades will be automatically exported into the Otus gradebook. For more information on automated grading, please view this help article.

If the Bulb contains graded free-response questions or instructors have manually adjusted points assigned to auto-graded interactions, it will be necessary to sync changes with Otus. To do this:

  1. In Otus, click on the assignment for which you want to view data to open PlayPosit and click Monitor.
  2. Here, you'll be able to view and score learner data and track progress.
  3. Click Sync Grades to initiate exporting grades to the Otus Gradebook.
  4. You can also click Check Sync Statusto check the status of the student grade export, but note that it may take a few minutes to push all updated scores into the Gradebook.

Learner experience in Otus

Click on the lessons tab.

Click on the lesson’s name. 

Click on the linked bulb.

Click play on the linked bulb.

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