The 3.0 Admin Dashboard

  • Note: this article only applies to users of PlayPosit 3.0 with admin-level privileges for an institutional license. The article for the Classic View version of the admin dash can be viewed here (K-12) and here (Higher Ed).
  • Troubleshooting? Check out our guide here.

In this article

  1. Accessing the administrator dashboard
  2. Navigating the administrator dashboard
  3. Admin Snapshot
  4. Organizations
  5. All Instructors
  6. Media Library
  7. Organizational settings

Accessing the administrator dashboard

The administrator dashboard must be activated by the PlayPosit team. Once activated, launch your PlayPosit account from your LMS or login directly on and navigate to the Administration tab in the left sidebar.

Navigating the admin dashboard

There are four tabs on the admin dash that will show you:

  1. Admin Snapshot
    • Showcases overall activity for your institution's license
  2. Organizations
    • Displays overall activity for each organization (school site) in your institution's license
  3. All Instructors
    • Identifies all instructors associated with your institution's license
  4. Media Library 
    • Highlights all bulbs built by instructors from your institution.

Admin Snapshot

The Admin Snapshot offers, at a glance, several key metrics for your institution's usage of PlayPosit. At the very top, for a set period of time, the snapshot highlights the number of:

  • Instructors who are part of your institution's license
  • Students who took a bulb assigned within your institution
  • Bulbs built within your institution
  • Minutes of video uploaded to PlayPosit's servers 

The Admin Snapshot also contains helpful graphs and tables that specifically identify:

  • Student Engagement
    • Engagement hours are the number of hours students have spent on bulbs assigned within your institution over a set time period.
  • Most Engaged Classes 
    • The top five classes within your institution with the highest student engagement within a set time period.
  • Bulbs Delivered
    • The number of distinct bulb attempts made on bulbs assigned within your institution during a set time period.
  • Most Viewed Bulbs
    • The top five bulbs with the most views over a given time period.
  • Bulbs Created
    • The number of bulbs created within your district over a set time period
  • Top Creators
    • The top five instructors within your institution who have built the most bulbs over a given time period.

You can change the time period for data displayed in the graphs by clicking on the gear icon at the top of the page and interacting with the date picker. You can also choose to view data for one or all of the organizations within your institution's license.


The Organizations tab displays quick statistics about each school site in the institution's license. Only the admin for a master district can see all organizations within the institution at once. From the Organizations tab, an admin can:

  1. Search for organizations by name
  2. Get a filtered view of all bulbs created within an organization
  3. Get a filtered view of all instructors who belong to an organization
  4. See all of the custom integrations enabled for an organization.

Additionally, each school row will show how many classes have been created, as well as how many learners have taken a bulb within that organization.

All Instructors

The All Instructors tab offers information for each instructor associated with your institution's license. In this view, you can:

  1. Add instructors to your license, or edit/remove existing users from your license
  2. Search for instructors by name or email address
  3. Filter the view of All Instructors down so that this page only displays instructors from one organizations at a time
  4. Log in as an instructor to his or her dashboard

Adding instructors to your license

Click the Add Instructors button to open up a dialog menu for adding instructors. There are two methods of adding instructors to your institution's license:

  1. Manual Entry - use this method if you are adding only a handful of instructors to your license.
  2. CSV Upload
    1. Download a preformatted csv template here, fill it out, and then upload it in order to bulk add instructors. 
    2. Please note that the organization's name must exactly match what is spelled in the Organizations tab. 
    3. After you upload the csv, this dialog menu will display the status of each instructor (i.e. account was successfully created and added, account already existed and was added, problems with the csv formatting, etc.)

Editing instructors in your license

To edit an existing instructor, select a checkbox next to at least one instructor's name. The button at the top of the screen will then change to reflect your selection.

Click Edit Instructor to bring up the corresponding dialog menu, where you can change the instructor's first name, last name, or organization (if you have selected only one instructor). You can also remove them from your organization's license by clicking Remove From License (see second screenshot below).

Otherwise, if you have selected multiple instructors, you can only move them between organizations or remove them from the current one.

All requests to change an instructor's email address must be submitted in writing to either your organization's account manager, or to

Media Library

The Media Library tab shows all the bulbs created in your institution, regardless of the instructor's or bulb's privacy setting. In the Media Library, you can:

  1. Upload a video directly into a PlayPosit bulb*.
  2. Search or Filter through all the bulbs created in your institution according to various criteria.
  3. Preview any bulb created within your institution.
  4. Tag any bulb created within your institution.
  5. Quickly filter bulbs down by organization.
  6. Quickly filter bulbs down by instructor.
  7. Open the triple dots menu for any bulb to access its bulb settings menu, preview it, or copy it to your own library.

Video Hosting

  • *Videos uploaded through this method will count against your institution’s video hosting quota.
  • To see how many minutes of video are included in your license, please switch to the Admin Snapshot tab and scroll to the bottom of the page.
  • For more information on uploading a video to PlayPosit, please refer to this help article.

Organization Configuration

To access the Organization Configuration:

  1. Click on your name in the left sidebar to open up your User Profile.
  2. Scroll down until you see the Organization Configuration section.
  3. Select the organization you want to change from the drop down menu titled Current Organization

The settings within this section affect not only your account, but also the accounts of all instructors affiliated with your educational institution. Please be careful when making changes!

Organizational Privacy

Admins can set the default sharing behavior for their organization's bulbs in this section. Instructors will only be able to select privacy options for their bulbs that are either equally or more restrictive than the settings that the admin has chosen. Available options are:

  • Bulbs are public (visible in Premade Bulbs & My Community)
  • Bulbs are visible to members of your district/institution
  • Bulbs are visible to members of your school/site
  • Bulbs are private

For more information on sharing bulbs via direct link, please see this help article and this video overview. Make sure to click Save after making any changes!


Admins wishing to customize the PlayPosit designer and player with their organization's logo and branding colors can:

  • Upload their organization's logo (Any image file up to 2 MB in size).
  • Select an active color, inactive color, and base color (Hex codes in the format #RRGGBB expected, such as #2196f3).

Delete Account

Clicking the big red button labeled Delete User Account will do exactly that! There’s no going back - all your Bulbs, Classes, and account activity will be irrevocably deleted, so be sure you want to delete your account before going anywhere near this button!