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There are 4 simple steps to integrate PlayPosit with your D2L course.

  1. Set up PlayPosit in D2L
  2. Assign a Bulb to students
  3. Assign a Bulb with Insert Stuff
  4. Monitor student responses
  5. Sync grades to D2L grade book
  6. Course copy
  7. Embedding bulbs

Why use PlayPosit in D2L?

  1. Single Sign-on: Instructors and learners are never prompted to enter a separate email, username or password to create or view content.
  2. Auto-sync course data: We manage learner-course relationships, eliminating the need to manually create courses or upload rosters.
  3. Auto-sync grades: Learner grades are synced immediately with the D2L Gradebook at the end of a Bulb. As well, instructors can access the rich analytics from any PlayPosit link within D2L. 
  4. Co-instructor collaboration: Multiple instructors, instructional designers and TAs can access their own PlayPosit content and manage any shared course content, like Bulbs and analytics. 
  5. Course copy: Instructors can save time by seamlessly copying PlayPosit links to recurring courses. The new course and learner roster is automatically synced and previous data is cleared. 

Video Tutorial

Set up PlayPosit in D2L

PlayPosit is integrated into your D2L environment by your administrator. Follow the steps below to add PlayPosit to your course and sync your student roster.

  1. Navigate to a content page and click Add Existing Activities.
  2. Select PlayPosit from the drop down menu. This will open a PlayPosit Setup page.
  3. Click Enter PlayPosit to access your PlayPosit account. 
  4. From here, you can begin building interactive videos (or Bulbs). Navigate here to learn more. 

Assign a bulb to students

  1. Navigate to a content page and click Add Existing Activities.

  2. Select PlayPosit from the drop down menu. 

  3. This will open a PlayPosit Setup page. Click Set Bulb Link to access your Bulb library. 

  4. Find the bulb you want to link to this assignment and click the D2L icon. 

  5. Select the learner experience: 
    1. Self-paced - Choose this option if you want learners to take the bulb individually, on their own device, at their own time (most commonly used).
    2. Broadcast - Not available on PlayPosit 3.0, but is coming soon.
  6. To set a Due Date, navigate to the link you just created and select Edit Properties in Place.

  7. To adjust points for the D2L graded assignment, click on AssessmentsGrades > Manage Grades

  8. To disable grading, select 'Not in Gradebook' from the dropdown menu in the assignment editor in D2L.

  9. Next to the Bulb title, click on the dropdown arrow > Edit Grade Item to edit the maximum points. ( Note: By default, each PlayPosit Bulb is worth 100 points.) 

  10. That's it! Your bulb has been successfully assigned to learners. 

Assign a Bulb with Insert Stuff

Important Notes: 
  • If Insert Stuff is not available, please reach out to the Admin at your institution. 
  • Grade export is not supported for this type launch.
  • Multiple Bulbs can be linked to a single assignment using the Insert Stuff flow.

1. Navigate to a content page and select Upload/Create

2. In the drop down menu, select New Assignment, New Checklist, New Discussion, New Quiz, or New Survey. This will open a page to create the assignment. 

3. Select the Insert Stuff icon. Select PlayPosit from the drop down menu. 

4. This will open a PlayPosit setup page. Click Set Link to access the Bulb library. 

5. Find the Bulb to link to this assignment and click on the D2L icon

6. There are several options to personalize the assignment. Note: The image below displays the default settings for the Bulb. 

Select the learner experience:

  • Self-paced - Choose this option if you want learners to take the Bulb individually, on their own device, at their own pace (most commonly used).
  • Broadcast - Choose this option if you want learners to complete the Bulb synchronously in class. Click here to learn more about Broadcasts.

Select the placement:

  • Embed in LMS - Choose this option to display the player for learners in the assignment. This is the only option that will allow instructors to adjust the size of the player.
  • Assignment Link - Choose this option to redirect learners to the player link. This will load the player within the same tab as their LMS.
  • Load in a new tab - Choose this option to redirect learners to the player link. This will load the player in a new tab.

7. After selecting the desired settings for the Bulb, click Link

8. Click  Insert to add the linked Bulb to the assignment. 

9. Once the assignment is finished, click Save

Note: Under the Activity Details tab the assignment must have the Visibility toggle switched on for the learner to be able to view the assignment. 

Monitor student responses

  1. From D2L, click on the assignment for which you want to view data. This will open a Manage Bulb Link window with the bulb you have attached linked.
  2. Click Monitor to view learner analytics. 

Sync grades to D2L grade book

If your bulb only includes auto-graded questions (multiple choice, check-all-that-apply, fill-in-the-blank), then grades will be automatically exported into the D2L grade book.
If you have graded free response questions or edited grades for auto-graded questions, you will need to sync changes with the D2L grade book. To do this: 
  1. From D2L, navigate to the Monitor page of the assignment you want to grade. 

  2. Here you'll be able to view and score learner data and track progress. 

  3. When you have made desired changes, click Sync Grades to sync updated scores to the D2L gradebook. 
  4. Optionally, click Check Sync Status to check the status of grade sync, but note that it may take a few minutes to push all updated scores to the D2L Gradebook. 

Course Copy

PlayPosit supports D2L's course copy feature. This means:

  • All PlayPosit links and bulbs will transfer to the new course.
  • If any students are retaking the course, previous scores will be reset automatically.

For more information on individual course copy, click here.

IMPORTANT information when using course copy: 

  • All master and child courses are linked to the same bulb, but when a course is copied, learner attempts will be saved in individual sections within PlayPosit and D2L.
  • Anyone launching a bulb linked in a copied will be given facilitator access to all the bulbs linked in that course. For more information on the roles and permissions of a facilitator, click here.
  • Learners or instructors are able to launch a copied assignment first to trigger the copy process.
  • Learners launching a PlayPosit bulb from a copied D2L course for the first time will see a blue screen asking them to refresh the page. Refreshing the page will correctly launch the copied assignment. 
  • Instructors will not see bulbs in the Classes tab of their PlayPosit dashboard for copied courses until someone launches the bulb from the copied course in D2L.
  • Assignments linked through rich text will not be synced to the gradebook. They will copy over as expected.
  • If a linked bulb is changed or deleted in the Master course, those changes are also made to bulbs linked in the child copied courses for that assignment, since all courses are linked to the same bulb.

Embedding bulbs

PlayPosit/D2L integration does not support embedding bulbs using an embed code. If instructors choose to use the embed code: 

  • Students will be prompted to sign into PlayPosit with a username/password
  • Grades will not auto-sync from PlayPosit to D2L 

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