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PlayPosit 3.0 introduces a streamlined navigation sidebar that contains all of a user's functions, whether instructor, admin, or learner. 

Activity feed 

The activity feed is available for institutional clients only. The activity feed provides up to date notifications on learner Bulb activities and PlayPosit updates. These are the categories for the notifications:

  • Bulb complete - indicates a learner has completed a Bulb that was assigned to a class that the instructor either owns, co-teaches, or facilitates.
  • Grading needed - indicates a learner has submitted an attempt for a manually-graded interaction that the instructor needs to grade.
  • New discussion post - indicates a learner has submitted a comment in a discussion forum that the instructor either needs to view or reply to.
  • Video upload status - indicates the status of a video uploaded to PlayPosit. This notification will only appear for specific instructors and institutions depending on the video host.

To learn more about the activity feed, click here.

Administrator Dashboard

The admin dash is given to administrators who have an institutional license. The admin dash allows the admin to view all instructor accounts, the institution's media library, data, and much more. Click here to learn more about the administrator dashboard. 

My Bulbs

Bulbs are interactive video learning objects created within the PlayPosit platform. 

Click on Add New Bulb to create a new Bulb, Select the drop-down to create an LMB or PR (if available for your license)Learner Made Bulb, or Peer Review assignment. To learn more about building a Bulb, click here.

Click on the Bulb thumbnail or triple dot menu to Edit, Assign, Monitor, get Bulb Details, or Delete the Bulb.


Folders are a great way for instructors to organize their content by class or module in a private manner. Instructors can also share folders with their colleagues for quick and easy transfer of content. Click here to learn more about folders. 

  • Click on Add Folder to create a new folder.
  • Click on the triple dot menu to Edit, Share, Copy, or Delete a folder.


Create or delete classes, upload learner rosters, share class enrollment links, and monitor learner responses for Bulbs assigned to those classes.

Note: If using a Learning Management System (LMS), classes and rosters will be automatically populated when assigning Bulbs in the LMS. 

Click on:

  • Add New Class to create a new section and set a custom folder color
  • the Bulbs icon to see a list of all Bulbs assigned to a class
  • the Gradebook icon to see the overall learner gradebook for a class
  • the Learners icon to see the list of learners enrolled in a class
  • the triple dots icon to Edit or Archive an existing class.


Playlists are customizable and allow the creator to organize them via modules and locked progression. Additional enhancements include supplemental materials and digital credentials, including verifiable certificates and badges. Click here to learn more about how to create playlists. 

Click on Add New Playlist to create a new playlist.

Click on the triple dot menu to Edit, Preview, Monitor, Assign, or Delete a playlist.

Premade content

Premade content includes Bulbs and Playlists built by other PlayPosit users. Note: Playlists are only available to institutional partners who have Playlists included in their license. Search for Bulbs and Playlists within your organization.

Select your institution (for institutional clients only) or All PlayPosit.

Bulbs will appear by default. To search for Playlists, select Search, then select Playlists from the drop-down menu. 

Bulbs can be previewed, copied, or a worksheet can be exported.

  • Preview - to view the Bulb.
  • Export Worksheet - to view all interactions within the Bulb.
  • Copy - to add the Bulb into your library.

Playlists can be previewed or copied. 

  • Preview - view the Playlist
  • Copy - creates a copy of each of the Bulbs within the Playlist and a copy of the Playlist

Search for Bulbs

Click Search and fill out the information you are looking for to narrow your search down. Search by Keyword, Creator Last Name, Tags, Target Audience, Subject, or YouTube URL. Once you have all the information you want to search for, click Filter

To search with tags, there are two options:

a.  Exact match only: Only show the bulbs with exactly the same tags. For example, if searching for “biology” with the Exact Match Only option, the bulbs tagged with “microbiology” will not show in the search results.

b.  Exclude tags: Exclude the tags enter in the filter. For example, instructors can add an “Archived” tag to the bulbs that are not in use anymore. When searching for the bulbs, they can exclude the “Archived” tags to filter out those bulbs.

Note: The more filters you add, the fewer results you will see. If you don't see enough results, try clearing out some of the filters or search for a different keyword.

Once you find a Bulb that you are looking for, click the triple dots and select  Preview to view the Bulb, Export Worksheet to view all interactions within the Bulb, or Copy to add the Bulb into your library.

Search for Playlists

Note: In the All PlayPosit tab, only Playlists created in the last 60 days will appear in the search. Anything created beyond that can be searched by keyword and/or Creator's last name. 

Click Search then select Playlists from the dropdown menu. 

Search by Keywords, Creator's Last Name, or Organization

Once you find a Playlist, click the triple dot menu and select  Preview to view the Playlist or Copy add the Playlist and Bulbs to your account. 


In order to give users a way to quickly pull interesting and well-crafted Bulbs from the rest of PlayPosit's user base, PlayPosit automatically calculates a Bulb's rigor (between 1 and 5 stars) using the number and quality of interactions present in the Bulb, views and copies made of the Bulb, and a couple other factors.

Professional learning

The Professional Learning tab is where instructors become learners in the professional development platform of PlayPosit. Administrators create classes and assign content to instructors. Click here to learn more about professional development. 

Note: The Professional Learning tab will only appear for instructors who have accessed a Professional Learning Bulb.
  • Click on Join New Class to be added to a professional development class.
  • Click on the name of the class to view content from the class.
  • Click on the Trashcan icon to remove yourself from the class.

Partner resources

This feature is available to institutional clients only. You can register for PlayPosit webinars, explore use cases, connect with PlayPosit’s Instructional Design Team for office hours, and much more. 

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