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Adding Brightcove videos to PlayPosit

The PlayPosit integration with Brightcove allows institutional partners to add interactivity and accountability to all hosted video content. Once the integration is completed by the administrator, instructors/designers can pull Brightcove content into PlayPosit following the steps below:

  1.  Navigate to the PlayPosit dashboard and click ADD NEW BULB
  2. On the Video Source panel, select BRIGHTCOVE to access your library of hosted videos. Depending on how your institution has opted to set this up, you will have access to all content or only the content owned by you.
  3. Note: If the Brightcove button is not available to you, this means your institution has not purchased Brightcove or Brightcove has not been set up by your administrator

  4. Find the video you'd like to pull into PlayPosit by entering a Search/Filter term or scroll through the list of videos. The Brightcove integration supports searching by name, reference ID, and Video ID.
  5. Once you select a video, you can change the title, add captions, and trip/crop your video. Once you're finished, click DONE
  6.  Now you are ready to begin adding interactions into your Brightcove hosted video. To learn more on building a PlayPosit Bulb with the video, click here.

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