For Admin: Install LTI 1.3

  • LMS integrations are only included for PlayPosit clients with institutional licenses. Please contact for more information on the institutional license.
  • For current PlayPosit LTI 1.1 users, once the LTI 1.3 tool is installed, all bulb/playlist links will migrate to LTI 1.3 when the instructor clicks an assignment. There is no need to edit the assignment; just launching the assignment from the LMS will trigger the migration. This means that bulbs/playlists will not need to be relinked manually. The workflow was designed to automatically relink bulbs/playlists with the new tool on the backend.

  • If for some reason, an assignment does not successfully migrate automatically, the bulb/playlist can be relinked manually.

PlayPosit LTI 1.3 LMS integration

PlayPosit has introduced the new LMS integration that is compatible with the LTI 1.3 standard. The new integration will have no impact on instructors' and learners' experience, and the existing content will be migrated to the new integration once the installation is completed. The LTI 1.1 integration tool will remain active and available as well.

While the instructors do not need to relink the content to their course manually, the content might become temporarily unavailable during the installation process. Therefore, we recommend the administrator initiate the migration and installation of the LTI 1.3 tool during the period when there are no live courses happening to ensure it will not affect learners' learning experience.

To start the migration/installation process, please contact your Customer Success Manager or email Our team will review the installation process with you and provide technical support during the process if needed.

Currently Supported LMSs

If you are interested in using PlayPosit with the LMS integration but don’t see your LMS above, please contact us at Our team will discuss the details of custom development with you

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