Navigating PlayPosit 3.0

  • Note: This article only applies to beta users of PlayPosit 3.0 who have instructor accounts
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PlayPosit 3.0 introduces a streamlined navigation sidebar that contains all of a user's functions, whether instructor, admin, or student. 

My Bulbs

Create new bulbs, or edit, assign, share, monitor, copy, or delete existing bulbs. If users have bulbs in the previous environment, also known as Classic View, they may also copy their bulbs from the previous environment to PlayPosit 3.0.


Create or delete classes, upload student rosters, share class enrollment links, and monitor student responses for bulbs assigned to those classes.

Click on:

  • Add New Class to create a new section and set a custom folder color
  • the Bulbs icon to see a list of all bulbs assigned to a class
  • the Gradebook icon to see the overall student gradebook for a class
  • the Learners icon to see the list of students enrolled in a class
  • the triple dots icon to Edit or Archive an existing class.

Premade Bulbs

See bulbs built by other PlayPosit users, and search, sort, and filter them by creator name, subject area, title, tags, and rigor. Click on the triple dots icon next to a bulb to either Preview or Copy the bulb.


In order to give users a way to quickly pull interesting and well-crafted bulbs from the rest of PlayPosit's user base, PlayPosit automatically calculates a bulb's rigor (between 1 and 5 stars) using the number and quality of interactions present in the bulb, views and copies made of the bulb, and a couple other factors.

Classic View

Users who have previously created content in Classic View will see the option to return there. For more information, please view this help article.

Administrator Dashboard

The admin dash is given to administrators who have an institutional license. The admin dash allows the admin to view all instructor accounts, the institution's media library, data, and much more. To learn more, click here

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