Release Notes

September 2020

  • Fixed screen reader accessibility issue affecting tab navigation in the player
  • Released certificates of completion for PlayPosit playlists (available to certain clients only)
  • PlayPosit is now compatible with Ensemble 5.5
  • Fixed issue searching by Youtube URL in Premade Bulbs
  • Created alternate method for members of institutional licenses to request new video host user IDs from the Designer
  • Updated HLS stream logic for Kaltura integration
  • Fixed issue causing uploaded videos to not display in interaction options
  • Fixed issue with certain web embeds causing unexpected redirects
  • Optimized calculations for the admin snapshot
  • Various caption parsing fixes
  • Fixed issue caused by Chrome update 85.0.4183.121 causing Canvas launches of PlayPosit from the Rich Content Editor to no longer work.

August 2020

  • Removed links to Classic View from Dashboard for all users
  • Admin dash supports exporting filtered list of instructors from All Instructors tab
  • Added support for professional development in playlists

July 2020

  • Added the ability to sort interaction data
  • When an admin selects an organizational privacy setting, that setting is the default privacy setting for any teacher account created within that license
  • Instructors can preview private bulbs of other instructors with a direct link

June 2020

  • Fixed bug which caused multiple interactions to be created when user clicked "save" before an attachment was done uploading
  • Fixed bug where co-editors were unable to download data for a bulb after removing their own access to the bulb
  • Fixed bug where swapping a video's source caused it to show up at the bottom of the list of video segments
  • Added the ability to filter and sort interaction responses in Grade All View
  • Released Table of contents interaction template for school users only
  • Fixed bug where saving an interaction before an attachment had finished uploading would cause duplicate interactions to be created
  • Panopto error message length now extended to 10 seconds
  • Fixed bug where clicking "Manage Permissions" would sometimes show the disabled preview link tab instead of the Manage Permissions tab
  • For Peer Review, importing groups now appears as part of the bulb linking flow as opposed to appearing as a button on the grey screen
  • Unlocked sharing of non-LMS classes for all institutional users
  • Fixed O365 SSO flow for new users
  • Modified our sharing bulbs workflow
  • Added advanced toggles for showing feedback for unselected correct answers (check all only) and showing feedback on the last attempt/all attempts (multiple choice and check all)
  • Allow to never show the correct answer (available to certain institutional clients)
  • Ability to Edit and Export Analytics from the Admin Media Library (available to certain institutional clients)
  • Released better and more informative bluescreen error messages when certain parameters are missing from the URL
  • Released UI changes to Most Viewed Bulbs and Most Engaged Classes in the Admin Snapshot

May 2020

  • Media library tree view capability (available to certain institutional clients)
  • Added ability to view the owner of the bulb if you are a co-editor or facilitator
  • Click anywhere or press enter to enter into the designer
  • Added the ability to resize images in the designer
  • Released individual interaction graphs for check all, multiple choice, and polling survey questions.
  • Fixed issue causing assignment links for bulbs containing foreign characters to not work.
  • Unlocked bulb details for all clients.

April 2020

  • Admin Dashboard UI improvements.
  • Discussion forums now can be configured for manual or automatic grading. (available to certain institutional clients)
  • Improved placeholder text for listcode name input fields.
  • Correct answers in interactions can be shown only on last attempt. (available to certain institutional clients)
  • Learners see feedback for unselected correct answers. (available to certain institutional clients)
  • Fixed issue causing long loading times of the equation editor.
  • Fixed issue preventing Next/Continue button in the player not working.
  • Added support for broadcast without login and broadcast for professional development.
  • Change to grade export logic will change scores sent to LMS when bulb is worth 0 points.
  • Fixed issue that caused deleted bulbs to show up in Premade Bulbs/My Community.
  • Fixed issue causing gradebooks to display data for students who had been removed from the class.
  • Added new table of contents interaction template.
  • Users are now able to upload files to interactions for download by viewers.

March 2020

  • Screenreaders now read the content of reflective pauses in hotspots.
  • Fast forward toggle now available on a per-bulb level.
  • Set bulb link now available through LTI in Admin media libraries.
  • Increased password complexity requirements.
  • Grade export API route updated.
  • Monitor page filtering is enabled.
  • Admin dashboard snapshot accuracy upgraded.
  • YouTube search improvements.
  • Institutions can now decide whether or not teachers from child schools can collaborate on bulbs.

February 2020

  • Individual bulb toggle for instructors to allow learners to view a printable report of their bulb attempt.
  • Enhanced support for facilitator/TA LTI roles.
  • Add co-owner/facilitator to a bulb.
  • Added support for fetching auto-generated transcripts from Zoom.

January 2020

  • Premade bulb search improvements.
  • Add the same YouTube video to a bulb.
  • Improved workflow for grading discussion forum.

December, 2019

  • Accessibility improvements
  • HLS screen recorder now also records audio.
  • Released new bulb template workflow
  • Limited the number of blanks for a single fill-in-the-blank interaction to 10 blanks
  • Implemented new treeview UI for Zoom videos with more than one video stream
  • Downtime planned starting 7 AM PT on December 25th and ending at 1 AM PT on December 26th for server upgrade and maintenance.
  • Released bulb analytics gradebook graphs
  • Released printable worksheets
  • Updated captions to automatically fetch captions (where available) from external video hosts for Pro and Institutional clients

November, 2019

  • TLS 1.1/1.0 deprecation scheduled to occur on December 1st, 2019. See October release notes for more details.
  • Released review sheet feature in the player
  • PlayPosit LTI integration now supports the Observer Role
  • Instructors can now preview bulbs as an instructor or as a learner.
  • Instructors can now control whether learners can upload videos to free response or discussion forum interactions
  • The PlayPosit Designer and Player now automatically fetch captions for all videos when instructors have Pro or Institutional licenses
  • PlayPosit API documentation updates
  • PlayPosit Mediasite integration now supports MyMediasite view
  • PlayPosit Designer now allows pasting in 3rd party HLS URLs

October, 2019

  • TLS 1.1/1.0 deprecation scheduled to occur on December 1st, 2019
  • Browsers or API clients connecting to PlayPosit much connect via TLS 1.2 following December 1st
  • Check any systems you use to connect to PlayPosit and ensure they support TSLv1.2
  • You may test your connection with PlayPosit's systems with a base url of
  • Please note that after December 1st, 2019, PlayPosit will reject connections that do not meet these requirements

November, 2018

  • Push support for course copy in Blackboard versions 3300 and up
  • Push the addition of timezones into the Monitor page
  • Push the ability to add branding to links with /listcode in them
  • Push a feature that automatically clears a user’s sessions after they log out, and another user logs in
  • Fix the inability for certain instructors and students to reset student data in the Monitor page, or retry bulbs

September, 2018

  • Push admin zoom integration feature
  • Fix reverting the refresh token 
  • Fix data discrepancy in the csv export 
  • Push the universal time elapsed format in csv exports to be HH:MM:SS
  • Push the ability to start broadcast sessions from units
  • Push Deeplinking on Bb Ultra enabled for versions 3400 and 3500
  • Push the ability to send usage reports to specific emails in the url
  • Push a refresh blocker safeguard to prevent multiple events triggering at once
  • Fix the jumping Monitor page when editing questions to the right of the screen
  • Fix refresh tokens after users have been away for extended periods of time.
  • Fix the ability to toggle captions on and off

August, 2018

  • Push pagination for the monitor page for classes with large amounts of students
  • Push bulbs ignoring jump features if it is linked to a deleted video
  • Push new additions to API metrics (Time watched, time in bulb, length of bulb)
  • Fix jump features copying over to new bulbs
  • Fix the UI for students in their dashboard (completed, incomplete, or not attempted)

July, 2018

  • Fix the link redirection in the classlist from play, to play-attempt
  • Fix captions to be centered and not cut off
  • Fix the missing IDs from CSV exports in the excel sheet
  • Fix the ability to add unique characters to the feedback box at the end of bulbs
  • Push the new printable page with a more intuitive format, the completion timestamp at the top of the page, and page breaks for bulbs with many questions
  • Fix the consent page to redirect to the PlayPosit home page after the user submits their info.
  • Fix the CSV export to include the timestamp of when the lesson was created
  • Fix the audio uploader to upload audio recordings on free response and discussion questions
  • Fix the accessibility of the skip button 
  • Push blockers for free users after hitting their MB quota
  • Push the omission of ‘spaces’ at the start and end of integration IDs on the Profile page
  • Fix the ‘Unassign’ button not working
  • Fix timezones to default to the eastern time zone in the csv exports
  • Fix the MB counter adjusting in the Profile page, after classes have been archived
  • Fix the inability to add questions at 0:00 in a bulb, whenever there were sections cropped out of the video
  • Fix the screen stutter on the Monitor page when instructors tried to grade all student responses at the same time
  • Push the ability to add m3u8 links to the PlayPosit designer
  • Push the ability for administrators to access all MediaAMP videos from their instructors
  • Push messaging to make clear that share URLs are not recommended to use through Learning Management Systems
  • Push the ability to export csv with or without the completion timestamps
  • Fix the Admin page load time to load in 2-3 seconds
  • Fix trim error messaging
  • Fix the ‘Assign’ button
  • Fix duplicate bulbs being created
  • Fix Panopto captions

June, 2018

  • Push MediaAmp integration
  • Push accessibility for the monitor and design pages
  • Fix the scrolling in the share box

May, 2018

  • Push the ability for users to edit the name of their user_id for integrations on the profile page.
  • Push caption optimization - all srt caption files will now auto-convert to vtt files.
  • Push the ability to type in trim times.
  • Push ability to share PD link and auto-join to class
  • Push the Zoom video integration.
  • Fix Jump question types.
  • Fix colors for questions with a point value of 0 to still be green if correct.
  • Push improvement for fill in the blank question - the length of the space will increase with the length of the response.
  • Push increased privacy options - student responses to discussion questions are only available to other users in that class
  • Push closed caption compatibility with Panopto videos
  • Fix Safari browser compatibility
  • Push hidden discussion responses when bulbs are shared with users who are not enrolled in the class
  • Push share link destinations to persist after new users create accounts. 
  • Push timezone specific completion timestamps in csv exports
  • Fix Leaner made bulbs to allow students to save their progress, and come back to finish bulbs at a later time
  • Fix monitor page grade and retry count discrepancies

April, 2018

  • Push the ability to sort Premade bulbs by Instructor with one-click
  • Push the ability to upload student rosters via csv in the new PlayPosit Interface
  • Push the ability to reorder questions which are at the same time in a bulb
  • Push the ability to drag and drop bulbs into classes and units
  • Fix the length of instructor list_codes to prevent duplicates
  • Fix the course selection page to direct users to the bulb after clicking on the titleFix the number of bulbs on admin dash to reflect the number of bulbs an instructor has 
  • Remove feedback text if no feedback is entered by instructor
  • Push student data and bulb editing restrictions to Canvas users with the custom TA designation 
  • Push a new route for share links from Classes to bypass the class selection page
  • Push the privacy setting option to restrict access to all bulbs unless the student is enrolled in the instructor’s course
  • Fix the missing class join code modal
  • Fix Fill in the Blank questions defaulting to the 0:00 timestamp
  • Fix the bulb reset when users pressed ‘enter’ on Fill in the Blank questions
  • Fix “Type here” auto-deletion after it’s clicked on when creating answer options
  • Fix grade discrepancy on the Review Bulbs popout at the end of bulbs when the question point value = 0

March, 2018

  • Push the default grade of ungraded questions to not select zero, and reduce number of clicks by 50%
  • Push the ability to upload mp3 files
  • Fix the old PlayPosit to allow students to create Learner Made bulbs
  • Fix gridlines for the tables in rich text 
  • Fix the url web-embed type questions -- PlayPosit only supports secure (https) sites now

February, 2018

  • Push a Monitor User Interface improvement by replacing the dropdown point selector with radio buttons - effectively halving the number of clicks to change scores
  • Push Professional Development link sharing as a feature for PlayPosit Institutional Partners
  • Push Internet Explorer compatibility for students to play bulbs, and for instructors to access and use the Monitor page
  • Fix the audio uploader
  • Push compatibility with D2L hosted videos.
  • Push right-sidebar captions to stay open after questions have been answered
  • Push core accessibility functions for the bulb Design page
  • Fix and fine tune engagement hours for administrators in their dashboard
  • Fix general language across PlayPosit

January, 2018

  • Push the new Profile page to manage all individual instructor, and institutional, settings
  • Push the professional lesson route, which allows instructors to be signed in as a student for professional development, without being logged out of their instructor account in another tab or window. 
  • Push new question point scale ranges to go from 0 - 10, which allows bulbs to be taken for incomplete/complete scores, rather than specific point values.
  • Push the ability to generate a class-code or link for students to join a class with one-click.
  • Push Accessibility improvements with orange-highlighted elements, human friendly readouts, and intuitive selection orders for the video player, and Monitor pages.
  • Push general system improvements with better tooltips, hyperlinks, and vernacular.
  • Push point change capabilities, privacy settings, and time stamp changes in the new Profile page.
  • Fix a point sorting bug on the Monitor page
  • Fix a minor Schoology grade export error

December, 2017

  • Push Accessibility optimizations across Safari, Firefox, Edge, and Chrome for JAWS and NVDA accessibility readers
  • Push a Chrome PlayPosit Fetch Extension optimization to record, upload, and edit screencasts faster
  • Push Ensemble integration improvements to pull in all requested Ensemble videos
  • Push an improvement to Strengthen the Network Bypass feature
  • Push an increase in the maximum video upload size from 200MB to 1GB
  • Fix broken share links for linked bulbs
  • Fix Microsoft o365 SSO 

November, 2017

  • Push Ensemble video host integration.
  • Push ability for instructors to manually change the version 1 PlayPosit tool, to version 2.
  • Push co-teacher access to their own content, rather than logging in as the primary instructor.
  • Fix download button for Kaltura videos.
  • Fix infinite loop when manually changing the bulb link for an LMS assignment.
  • Fix discussion bug
  • Fix timestamps and max time for bulbs, and duplicate student data, and csv export
  • Fix learners logged in as instructors after taking a learner-made bulb

October, 2017

  • Push sharing permissions - instructors are able to share their bulbs with all of playposit, or only other instructors at the institution.
  • Push access restrictions to include access only with a link, or access only if the user is a registered student in one of the instructor’s classes
  • Push more characters displayed for the name of bulbs
  • Push branding color to the Monitor page for theme consistency
  • Push consistent count of student responses across Analytics, My Bulbs, Classes, and the Monitor page. All student attempts are recorded in the csv export.
  • Fix csv export bug duplicating a student response
  • Fix calculation error for premium limit notification in the settings menu for instructors

September, 2017

  • Push all premium users to the new PlayPosit user interface
  • Push the manual csv export option for all bulbs
  • Fix Kaltura search to display all categories at the institutions
  • Fix the disabled triple-dot menu in the Monitor, for higher resolution displays
  • Fix language to more accurately reflect functions in analytics and design

August, 2017

  • Push Playposit Navigation
  • Push the ability for instructors to access their old content, in Playposit Navigation
  • Push the ability for instructors to access their content across LMSs
  • Push the ability for instructors to relaunch a CIM assignment in a copied course by clicking on the copied assignment link, in the copied course
  • Push the ability for instructors to access their content, even if they change their LMS login email
  • Push the ability for instructors to export grades from the main navigation screen
  • Push the ability for instructors to copy, edit, and assign learner-made bulbs
  • Push a new tab opens when an instructor edits or creates normal, or leaner-made, bulbs
  • Push the ability for grades to automatically export in broadcast lessons
  • Push the name of bulbs in the header of Nav analytics link to monitor pg3
  • Push the score for bulbs with no questions will be 100% after the student watches the video
  • Push the score for bulbs with questions (with no point values) will be 100% after the student watches the video
  • Push the ability for students to edit their comments and replies in discussion questions
  • Push the ability for co-teachers to access the primary instructor’s content, specific to the course the co-teacher supports (LTI v2)
  • Push the restriction of the ability of co-teachers to edit the content of the primary instructor (LTI v2)
  • Fix when users log out, it will not open a new tab
  • Fix Observer accounts in Canvas to be authenticated in as students
  • Fix if students are in multiple classes with the same bulb, the scores will not transfer from one class to another
  • Fix if grades are disabled, no score will be shown when the student completes the bulb
  • Fix errors related to the creation and display of math equations
  • Fix the restriction of student access to assignments which have not been set up with a blue error screen
  • Fix nomenclature for consistency and specificity

June, 2017

  • Push Community dropdown menu in premade bulbs for teachers and administrators
  • Push accessibility software capabilities
  • Push faster API calls for the analytics table
  • Push hyperlink to Monitor pg3 from analytics
  • Push default My Bulbs action to "Monitor" instead of "Share"
  • Fix D2L administrator authentication
  • Fix Content Item Manager integration
  • Fix Vimeo and Kaltura captions 
  • Fix premade bulb load and copy times
  • Fix date format to exclude timestamps
  • Fix NAV analytics (sorting, breadcrumbs, links to monitor pg3)

May, 2017

  • Push multiple instructor course ownership for LTI into staging environments
  • Push csv download button to export both unassigned and assigned content--does not support retry results
  • Push formatted discussion export for individual questions
  • Fix minor LTI bulk monitor export corner case for speed 
  • Fix when switching between auto-graded and ungraded question types
  • Fix styled discussion replies
  • Fix submit lesson at end of lesson for lessons with duration less than 10 sec

April, 2017

  • Push LTI Content Item into staging environments
  • Push new navigation into staging environments
  • Push optimized bulk Grade Export Report with 20x improvements
  • Fix LTI assign modal issues
  • Update LTI troubleshooting messages with links to

March, 2017

  • Increase MP4 Upload size to 300mb
  • Push support for material styling table within rich question text editor from 'Table Properties'
  • Push language update on submit LTI, admin and question explanation
  • Push accessibility language on player answer grading
  • Push exitFullscreen() on discussion questions (designed for behavior on iOS when using Canvas app)
  • Push support for auto-click submit if pause Q so only 1 user click (* monitor display will now be 00:00 duration)
  • Push support for Observer role in LTI 
  • Push consistency on terminology around LTI, with preference for LMS
  • Push enhanced Kaltura streaming url support (with mp4 fallback)
  • Push student-made lesson default title
  • Fix broadcast end of lesson freeze
  • Fix Discussion question not working on linked bulbs

February, 2017

  • Push patch to fix volume controls
  • Push feature to support Score View at end of lesson in Right Sidebar with Retake and manual LTI Export
  • Push new Live Chat experience
  • Push additional parameters for LTI universities to CSV export
  • Fix Monitor Poll Edit All resulting in an error
  • Fix LTI bulk export grades issue

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